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We are thrilled to report that the Connecting Hands Training Cafe is well under way with it’s construction. We have just returned from Cambodia where we have spent some time organising the lay out and design of the cafe as well as interviewing chefs to train our young trainees. We have now hired and amazing chef Kien Wagner who will be an asset to the cafe particularly with training the girls. Kiens personality is patient and gentle and will be a wonderful fit when it comes to training young women who have come from vulnerable backgrounds.

We still have a lot to get done within the next 6 weeks when we open our training cafe but we know with the support of the Australian Public we will definitely get there.

What makes this training cafe extra special is that it has been literally built and fitted out through the generosity & love of every day Australians digging deep to make this possible. We have not received corporate or government grants or funding, every cent that has gone into this project has come from every day Australians who have such generous hearts and through our own fundraising initiatives. We could not be more thankful to everyone who has contributed in some way, from our hearts to yours thank you so much.

We still need to raise over $10K to meet our fit out costs, if you would like to contribute, we would really appreciate your support.

Thank you so much for your amazing support, we couldn’t do this without you.


We would love for you to be an integral part of this amazing journey and you can be by donating an item towards the actual cafe set up. We have itemised all the items we need and if you donate the cost of one of these items we are committed to ensuring your name goes on the item with a small plaque saying “donated by Jack Smith”.  For example is you purchase a table or oven, your name will be on a small plaque highlighting that you have donated this item.

How wonderful would it be to fit out the cafe and have your name permanently there as a reminder to all who visit and dine there that you have played a really valuable role in empowering the lives of young women who have escaped terribly lives of slavery & abuse.

 All donations are 100% tax deductible which is handy with the end of financial year fast approaching!

To make your donation, simply select the item you would like to purchase from the updated list on our website, make the payment via one of our payment options here and then shoot us a quick email to let us know what you have purchased and the name you would like on your plaque. Exciting!

We would really appreciate your support, every knife & spoon really makes a big difference (for larger items a great way to afford on of these items is to put in with a group of friends or colleagues, even hold a fundraiser)

**please note, items with an * means we are unable to fit a plaque on the item, for example knifes, forks, plates etc*

  • 2 x chairs                            $45 each
  • 17 stools                              $35 each
  • 4 x Mattress                       $50 each **
  • Industrial Deep Fryer      $ 350
  • Chefs Knife Set                  $400 **
  • Ice chiller                            $700
  • Set of Cooking Utensils   $150 **
  • 5 x Industrial Pots           $ 25 each  **
  • 37 x 4 set of cutlery          $ 3 each  ** (You decide how many sets you would like)
  • 6 x Full Uniform for trainee  $50each **
  • Under Counter Fridge       $700
  • Industrial Mixer                 $800
  • Coffee Machine                   $4000
  • Industrial Coffee Grinder $600
  • 50 Place Mats                   $2.50 each  ** (You decide how many you would like)
  • 6 burner industrial oven $2500
  • 150 x glasses                      $2.50 each  ** (you select how many)
  • 100 lge plates                     $3 each  ** (you select how many)
  • 100 sml plates                    $2.00 each  ** (you select how many)
  • 120 x mugs & cups            $3 each  ** (you select how many)
  • Industrial Juicer & Smoothie Maker   $1000
  • 3 x frypans                            $ 30 each **
  • Construction of Coffee Bar Counter    $2500
  • Construction costs              $5000  (plaque on the wall of the cafe in your name)
  • 2 x Shelving Units               $400 each
  • Water Filtration                   $700  **
  • 2 x ceiling fans installed    $125 each  **
  • Light Fittings                        $300 **
  • Food Prep Bench SS            $600
  • Tuk Tuk with Moto              $2300 (this will have advertising on the back for the cafe along with your name as the sponsor and will be driven all over Phnom Penh for lunch time deliveries, pick ups etc)
  • 2 x Wardrobes                      $120 each

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