Our Future Projects…….coming soon

Connecting Hands provides exciting training programs for young women who have come from highly vulnerable backgrounds such as Human Trafficking, sexual slavery, domestic violence & poverty.

Our goal is to empower young women to change their own lives with traineeships and on the job training within our Connecting Hands training Cafe in Cambodia.

Our training model assists young women by empowering them with training opportunities with great working conditions, higher salaries than average, English classes, medical treatment, accommodation & ongoing practical support to equip them to change their lives.

We currently provide traineeships through our Connecting Hands Training Cafe in Cambodia, which educates young women with the skills to become cooks, chefs & baristas within the hospitality industry. Students receive a generous training salary, accommodation, English classes, budgeting assistance, free healthcare and ongoing support to re build their lives long after training with us completes.


Looking to the future……………..

Within the next 12 months, Connecting Hands expects to open a Fair Trade Handicraft centre in Cambodia to assist women to learn skills in handicrafts & dressmaking. All women training in this area will be paid generous salaries & have access to free childcare if required, they will also participate in free English classes and be assisted to find long term employment either with Connecting Hands or at other suitable employers.


Longer term goal……

Our long term gaol to be developed over the next 2-3 years will be to open a Boutique Training Hotel which will provide further education & employment opportunities to young women in the areas of customer service, reception, front of house, housekeeping as well as junior assistant trainee manager positions. In addition to this, we will run an additional cafe within our boutique hotel which will provide a further layer of training for our young girls who have completed their traineeship in our training cafe.

We could not be more excited about the future direction of Connecting Hands and we would ask you to support us to help support those most vulnerable. Providing young women with hope and education for the future will not only have an immediate positive affect on them personally, but will also provide ongoing hope and long term direction for their families and loved ones, and prevent the occurrence of such vulnerabilities reoccurring.