Victims Stories


Connecting Hands is firmly committed to supporting young women who have come from highly vulnerable backgrounds such as Human Trafficking, Slavery, Domestic Violence & Poverty.

Our approach is to equip them with safe &  empowering hands on training opportunities which will assist them to gain experience, skills and qualifications to lead lives free from these types of situations.

Whilst all the women Connecting Hands supports have their own stories and have overcome some horrendous obstacles from their pasts, for their privacy and out of respect we don’t post their stories on our website. We don’t believe in fabricating or inventing stories to attract more compassion for financial gain, instead we work on projects that give hope, empowerment and real hands on training opportunities and skills to change their lives.

We believe that the positive stories we share with you about how their young lives have turned around for the better, will be a true testament to the work we do with such vulnerable lives.