Volunteer/Overseas Positions Available

If you have particular skills that you would like to bring to the Connecting Hands team, please let us know. We are always looking for passionate people to join our team and you may be able to inspire us with your skills. Just because we may not be advertising now for a role in your field, please contact us and  let us know that you are interested and what you have to offer. We still need people to assist us with creating you tube clips for our campaigns etc, fundraising co ordinators, the list is endless of ways that you can get involved. It takes a group of passionate talented people working together to change the world in which we live, and you could be apart of an exciting opportunity to support those affected by Modern Day Slavery.

Marketing & Promotions Assistant – Volunteer

( Just a few hours per month of your time)
We are seeking a talented person to assist Connecting Hands with marketing and branding of Connecting Hands and our Connecting Hands Training Cafe in Cambodia.

If you have experience or a heart and passion for marketing and promotion with limited budget, then we need your help.

We need to engage more donors and supporters to Connecting Hands here in AUS as well as attracting customers to our café in Cambodia. We need to get more word out there about what Connecting Hand does and just how important our work is.

If you’re and ideas person and would like to lend your hand to assisting us lift our profile and donor base, we would love to hear from you.

Interested???   please contact Kate at  admin@connectinghands.com.au

Fundraiser – Volunteer

We are looking for 8 dedicated people who will assist Connecting Hands to raise money throughout the year. This is such an important role and we really need your help!

We are looking for 1 person to commit to each of the following annual fundraising targets:

$4000 per year x 2

$6000 per year x 2

$7000 per year

$8000 per year

$10,000 per year

$15,000 per year

Graphic designer – volunteer

We are in need of someone to help us out from time to time making brochures and marketing material. If you are interested in using your skills to help us out we would love to hear from you. Contact Kate at admin@connectinghands.com.au

Grant researcher & writer – volunteer

Work from home a few hours per month

Connecting Hands are looking for a talented Grant writer & researcher to assist us with obtaining funding from grants, corporates & philanthropists
With the opening of our training cafe in Cambodia it is vital that we receive funding so as we can continue our work with trafficked victims & their families.

What we need

We need a super charged talented person who is willing to get in there and seek out funding opportunities from various corporate organizations & philanthropists.
Do you have a knack for writing and research and would like to put this to good use? Then we really need you!

This is such a crucial task and we are desperately seeking assistance from anyone interested to give us a hand.

To express your interest please contact Kate at admin@connectinghands.com.au


Creative Artist- To make short promotional video clips – Volunteer 

We are looking for a talented artist to assist us to make a couple of short video clips to use at events and on our website.

If you have a love for creative arts and would like to use your creativity to assist us to make some promotional materials we would very much love to hear from you.

You can express your interest by contacting Kate at admin@connectinghands.com.au