What we do

Connecting Hands is an independent not for profit Australian based charity reaching out to young victims of Human Trafficking & Slavery in Cambodia & Australia.

We work to eradicate enslavement in the sex industry by offering young women who have escaped lives of enslavement and abuse with the opportunity to start a new life free from such vulnerabilities.

Our goal is to empower young women to change their own lives with traineeships and on the job training within our Connecting Hands training Cafe in Cambodia.

Our training model assists young women by empowering them with training opportunities with great working conditions, higher salaries than average, English classes, medical treatment, accommodation & ongoing practical support to equip them to change their lives.

Our approach is to empower girls to change their own lives by giving them tools and skills to do so.

Because a traineeship & working is a big deal and can be quite overwhelming,  all young women who come to learn at our training cafe do so of their own free will. They are given free accommodation in our  separate apartment above the training cafe where they learn to live independently. We provide them with assistance and training in how to budget their income, including assistance with a savings program to assist them to access their own accommodation once their training is complete and they are ready to move towards independent living which is our ultimate goal.

All young women receive a variety of holistic services that assist them to make important life decisions, ensuing that their new skills can be sustained long term.

Other assistance we provide:

  • Customer Service Training
  • Medical & Healthcare Insurance
  • Counselling Services
  • Educational Workshops
  • Rehabilitation focusing on physical and mental healing, education, vocational training, literacy and core life skills.
  • Reintegration to support individuals as they begin their new futures working alongside their family and communities.