Outreach & feeding program


Outreach & feeding program


Outreach & feeding program

Because prevention is always better than cure, we operate in some of Cambodia’s highest at-risk areas.

In order to gain trust with the community it is vital to build strong trusting relationships with residents in these target areas. Providing nutritious meals and hygiene products not only improves their health and wellbeing it also enables us to identify and provide support to at risk children in these areas.

What is a prevention child?

A Prevention Child is an at-risk child that Connecting Hands helps support so that they’re protected from being lured or forced into the sex-trade.

Typically, this is a female child where the mother, siblings or relatives have either been previously been sold into the sex or labor trade and therefore themselves at high risk of being sold into slavery.

Connecting Hands Prevention Sponsorship Program is designed to help prevent as many children as possible from entering the sex or labor trade.

To find out more about sponsorship please take a look at our help page