Why this cause?


Why this cause?

Everyone deserves the right to live in Freedom free from slavery. We love seeing lives transformed and made whole and will continue to reach as many women and children as possible.

There are millions of slaves in the world today, more than ever before. It is the fastest growing crime industry and right now people everywhere are being brought and sold against their will.

Persons are usually trafficked by someone they know, family members, boyfriends, friends, relatives, abduction and misleading employment advertisements.

Today there are many forms of Modern Day Slavery, nothing is off limits and sadly everything is for sale.

Sex trafficking
Forcing, selling, deceiving or coercing a person to perform a sex act for commercial purposes.

Women and children are sold for sex just like commodities, some children as young as 3 years of age. They have something that men want therefore their innocence and virginity is traded for cash leaving them physically and mentally broken, alone and suffering the emotional effects of torture and rape.

Forced Labor 
Forcing a person to work in captivity for little or no pay working unbearably long hours. Often not receiving any food or water provisions or adequate time to rest.

Human Organ Trade 
Young women are sold, lured, coerced and tricked into situations where they are forcibly taken and used as human incubators. Often drugged and chained to a bed they are impregnated and kept hostage for the duration of their pregnancy. Babies are then either sold on the black market or dark web to persons willing to pay the price required from the perpetrator. Too often and tragically babies are produced for the sale of young organ parts.

Domestic Servitude 
Forces a person to work and live in the same place for little or no money, often paying back a never ending debt. In most cases they suffer rape and serious physical and mental torture.

Victims of trafficking are subject to abuse in the worst forms of physical violence, sexual assault, threats to family members, torture, emotional abuse, drugging, documents confiscation and very low wages for the work they perform making it impossible to ever repay the debt incurred to their trafficker.

With nowhere to turn and no education it is almost impossible for young women to have a real chance of changing her life unless someone lends their hand to free theirs.

We are committed to ensuring all women and children have the opportunity to walk free, healed, have their hope restored and fully equipped to live a bright and happy future free from slavery.