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  • Human Trafficking and Slavery is not trendy!

    Human trafficking & sexual slavery is not trendy! Human Trafficking and sexual exploitation is not solved with trendy hashtags and flashy social media campaigns, with cool well meaning celebrities tweeting only to forget about the people living this harsh reality when the next best thing comes along. This topic needs a real conversation and education, Continue Reading

  • A message from the heart

    Hi my name is Kate Hutchinson and I am a Managing Director & Co Founder of Connecting Hands. For those who may not know me personally or who are new to Connecting Hands, Connecting Hands was founded in 2010 when my life was changed dramatically through a visit to Cambodia. During my visit to Cambodia Continue Reading

  • Connecting Hands Training Cafe Update

                                      We are thrilled to report that the Connecting Hands Training Cafe is well under way with it’s construction. We have just returned from Cambodia where we have spent some time organising the lay out and design of the Continue Reading

  • Connecting Hands New Training Cafe News

    We have some exciting news! Connecting Hands have now secured a suitable property to set up our Connecting Hands Training Cafe that is scheduled to open in July. You have been a big part of making this possible and we wanted to share the exciting news with you. We still have a long way to Continue Reading

  • Support from Extraordinary People!

    We have some amazing supporters who from time to time play a huge role in Fundraising for Connecting Hands. Fundraising is one of our biggest challenges and we couldn’t be more thankful to these wonderful individuals who assist us, without their support we certainly wouldn’t be able to do the work we do. A big Continue Reading

  • The story mainstream media overlooked by Jennifer Hansen

    The story mainstream media overlooked by…. Jennifer Hansen See the full blog at This is the charity spilling over with stories that will break your heart… a charity that is fighting to put an end to child trafficking and to give women and children at risk in Cambodia some hope for the future. Two Melbourne Continue Reading

  • Celebrity Chef’s contribute to Connecting Hands ‘Food for Hope’ Cookbook

    Celebrity Chef’s contribute to Connecting Hands’ Food for Hope Cookbook Ian Curley Executive Chef at The European will be launching Connecting Hands’ Food For Hope Cookbook on Thursday November 1st at Bopha Devi Restaurant in Melbourne’s Docklands. The cookbook is an initiative of Connecting Hands who aims to raise money to rehabilitate victims of sexual Continue Reading

  • Wake Up From Charity Fatigue

    How Connecting Hands is providing a sustainable and comprehensive approach to sexual slavery and trafficking By Deirdre Fidge       We all know that donating to charity is the right thing to do. Whether it be buying a $2 pin at the counter of your local milk bar or setting up a direct debit Continue Reading

  • Human Trafficking Hits Close to Home

    Human Trafficking Hits Close to Home By Lucy Nichols (Youth Advocate) When many of us think about human trafficking, about sexual slavery we think of countries far away from Australia. We think about situations that don’t exist in our neighbourhoods, in our towns. However, upon hearing of recent events in Canberra I was reminded that Continue Reading

  • Pro Bono News Article- Kate Hutchinson

    Pro Bono News Article Kate Hutchinson          Recenty I was interviewed for an article in the Pro Bono News. Change makers is a regular column which examines inspiring people and their careers in the Not for Profit sector. I was a little uncomforable with the reference to “inspiring people” as I am Continue Reading