Why this cause?


Everyone deserves the right to live in Freedom free from slavery.
There are millions of slaves in the world today, more than ever before. It is the fastest growing crime industry, and right now people everywhere are being brought and sold against their will.
Today there are many forms of Modern Day Slavery, if you are prepared to pay the right price, nothing is off limits and sadly everything is for sale.


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Human Trafficking


Trafficking in Cambodia

There are many reasons why human trafficking exists in Cambodia. Human trafficking in Cambodia has increased because of many factors including poverty, social and economic imbalances between rural and urban areas, increased tourism, lack of employment, education, and poverty being the most significant cause of trafficking.

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The Virginity Trade

Virgins in Cambodia, who have been sold to brothels by trafficking agents, are confined to the brothel or a hotel room until the first client comes. This client is charged a much higher amount, due to the belief that having sex with a virgin has rejuvenating properties, such as acquiring pure white skin and attractive youthful appearance.

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What about Australia?

Australia is a source and destination county for Human trafficking & slavery. It is roughly estimated that approximately 4,300 people are enslaved in Australia today. However due to the hidden nature of this crime it is highly likely that these figures have been grossly under reported.

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